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Paolo Campa Artista

Paolo Campa (Pseudonym of Paolo Alberto Campanile), of Swiss mother and Neapolitan origin, was born in 1964 in Lugano. New generation contemporary figurative artist. Constructivist, he pursues beauty and elegance with high values, in the search for a language of our time.

Born in Lugano from a family of hoteliers, well-known hoteliers between the 1960s and 1990s, the young "Paolo Campa (then Paolo Campanile), always fascinated by art, began his first approaches to painting at the age of 13 using tubes of paint occasionally left by his cousin Dario Campanile, older than him,  born in 1948. He was a follower , between the 60s and 70s, of the studies of Giorgio De Chirico in 1967 and Salvador Dalì in 1973. 

Since 1985 his youthful path has been greatly influenced by the metaphysical surrealism of his cousin and his mentor, Dario.

In 1987 he took part in his first collective exhibition at the "Poltera" Gallery in Lugano.

From 1997 he began as a professional, teaching in private schools, while in the same year, he changed his last name to “Campa”, an affective nickname attributed to him by his peers already in his youth.

From the mid-1990s, he abandoned surrealism and created his own personal language white constructivist realism and remarkable technical expertise. 

Significant is his meeting in 2003 with the curator Antonina Zaru who counts him among the other Italian artists of her gallery, presenting him together with the other artists in two traveling exhibitions between the United States and London.

Since 2006, international fairs, such as those in Milan and Bologna, open up continuous opportunities  for him, where he is discovered by the well-known critic Maurizio Sciaccaluga  who, in 2007, before his sudden death, included it in his latest  exhibition, which was later taken over by Vittorio Sgarbi, under the theme: "New painters of Reality". 

Several exhibition and fair followed afterwards between Italy and Switzerland, in particular in Zurich. His last performances continued whit the Silvano Lodi Gallery in Lugano, and whit the "Minima Gallery" in Mykonos, presenting his new expressive evolutions including portraits, compositions and naturalistic views.

After my earlier studies on metaphysical surrealism, my research was then based on the language of realism, documenting the lived testimony of a change in the new Western society. It was a long series of portraits on multi-ethnic generations, made between 2003 and 2009. This theme, followed by that of flowers, emphasizes a poetic analysis through the symbolic aspects of "change", as for a garden in the changing of the seasons.
The research of my work always pursues beauty and expressive elegance through luminous, chromatic and spatial balances, restoring them in a new and contemporary vision of figurative art. Even my Still lifes, are a reflection of the more correct definition of "constructivist realism" already starting from the drawing, up to its final composition in the overall view of the work. 
In my compositions I look for the maximum perceptual balance through spaces calculated between them, to give them strength and at the same time lightness.
The naturalistic compositions, such as the flowers of the Alps, which are the reflection of my "entourage", and a living symbol of the country where I live, also require to be worked quickly, with an almost scientific preparation and precision before their withering.
Thus, while the pose of the subjects meet with a fleeting appointment with light, as it is for all my work, this emphasizes a symbolism of transformation, sacredness and poetry.


2017  Silvano Lodi Gallery, bipersonal exhibition: “Zensual”, paintings and sculptures by: Paolo Campa and Marco Cornini, Lugano

2013  Galleria Sacchetti, “New works” curate by Giovanna and Frederik Jensen, Ascona, Switzerland 

2011  Galleria Sacchetti, “Paolo Campa” curated by Giovanna and Frederik Jensen, Ascona, Switzerland

2010  Extrafid Art Fondazione, “Flowers and Portraits, the return of painting and beauty”, curated by Fabrizio Ballabio, Lugano, Switzerland

2002 Galleria L’Incontro, “On paper”, recent soft pastels and drawing, Lugano, Switzerland

2009  ArtSeefeld, See/301, “Die neuen Generationen im Göttergarten”, Zurich, Switzerland

1999  Fasco Contemporary Art Room, Lugano, Switzerland

1998  Maria Schönenberger-Kyrimis Gallery, Zurich Switzerland

1997  Ex Municipio (City Hall)  di Castagnola, Lugano, Switzerland

1996  Centro Residenza Maraini, Lugano, Switzerland

1993  Espace Penta, Ginevra, Switzerland / Galerie “Au temps qui passe”, Genolier sur Nyon, Switzerland

1992  BCG Banque hypothécaire du Canton de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland


2023   “Real'23”, curated by Christoph Eberle and Markus Rey, guest exhibition at the Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland / 

Photobastei Zürich, "Hyper'23 - Hyperrealist Artists from Europe", curatet by Christoph Eberle, Zurich, Switzerland

2021   Galeria “Arte Roma”, in coll. with Artelibre Gallery and MEAM Museum, Zaragoza, Spain / Palazzo Einaudi, "The Great masters of International Realism", curated by Artelibre in collaboration with MEAM Museum of Barcellona, Chivasso (TO), Italy

2019  Pinacoteca G.Bellini, “#NoPixel Art to the limit”, curated by Massimo Rossi, Sarnico (BG), Italy

2018  Minima Gallery, Summer Season 2018, curated by Spiros Protopsaltis, Mykonos, Greece

2015  Palazzo Einaudi, “Non solo Vero” (Realists and hyperrealists in comparison), curated by Francesco Schialvino, Chivasso (Turin), Italy

2014   809 Art Gallery, “Masters of Hyperrealism”, curated by Andreas Bianchi, Milan / Casa Landfogti, “Collezione ExtrafidArt”, curated by Fabrizio Ballabio, Rivera, Switzerland

2013   7th Edition of "Arte Laguna", Arsenale - Venice, Italy

2011   Galleria Sacchetti, Ascona, Switzerland

2007  58th Edition Michetti Award, “News Realism”, curated by Maurizio Sciaccaluga, Museo of Palazzo San Domenico, Francavilla a Mare (Chieti), Italy Galerie Caroline Dechamby, “Flowers”, in collaboration with Galleria Forni of Bologna, Grans-Montana, Switzerland / PAC-Pavillon of Contemporary Art, “New Painters of Reality”, curated by councilor to the culture of the City of Milan Vittorio Sgarbi, Milan, Italy 

2006  Della Pina Arte Contemporanea, Pietrasanta (LU), Italy / Galleria Forni, “Flowers”, Bologna, Italy / Galleria D’Arte Contemporanea, Palazzo Ducale di Pavullo, “Flowers”, in collaboration with Daniela Facchinato, Image Gallery and Galleria Forni, curated by Paolo Donini and Daniela Del Moro, Pavullo (MO), Italy

2005  Galleria L’Incontro, “Gentes”, Lugano, Switzerland

2004  Galleria Artesegno, Udine, Italy / Palazzo Frisacco di Tolmezzo, “Checkpoint”, Udine, Italy

2003  Barbara Behan Gallery, London UK / Capri Palace, Capri, Italy Galleria Capricorno, Capri, Italy / Sotheby’s, in collaboration with the Director Iris Fabbri, Lugano, Switzerland / Capricorno Gallery, curated by Antonina Zaru, Washington DC, USA

2001  Sotheby’s, in collaboration with the Director Iris Fabbri, Lugano, Switzerland

2000  Sotheby’s, in collaboration with the Dir. Iris Fabbri, Lugano, Switzerland

1997  Galleria de Arte El Catalejo, Marbella, Spain

1990  Galleria D’Arte nel Mondo di Fiori, Lugano, Switzerland

1989   Galleria D’Arte nel Mondo dei Fiori, Lugano, Switzerland

1987  Galleria D’Arte Poltera, Lugano, Switzerland


2018 Wopart "Work on Paper Art Fair", Silvano Lodi Gallery (Lugano), Lugano, Switzerland

2017 Bologna Art Fair, Silvano Lodi Gallery (Lugano), Bologna, Italy / Wopart "Work on Paper Art Fair", Silvano Lodi Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland

2007  MiArt ’07, Della Pina Arte Contemporanea (Pietrasanta), Milan, Italy / KunStart ’07, Della Pina Arte Contemporanea (Pietrasanta), Bolzano, Italy

2006  MiArt ’06, Della Pina Arte Contemporanea (Pietrasanta), Milano, Italy / ArtVerona ’06 Della Pina Arte Contemporanea (Pietrasanta), Verona, Italy


2013  Finalist 7a edition of the “Arte Laguna” Prize, Venezia - Arsenale, Italy / Winner of the “Mostra Personale” Prize, (Arte Laguna) Venice, Italy

2007  Premio Michetti, “Nuovi realismi”, Francavilla a Mare Prov. di Chieti, Italy

1995  1st Prize “La voce” Pro Castagnola, Lugano, Switzerland

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